Start collecting real life assets with Custodios

Custodios is a project that plans to implement real life assets in NFT technologies, starting with postage stamps and paintings by painters such as Picasso thanks to blockchain technology to connect to a unique digital asset that cannot be recreated.

December 4, 2022

The upcoming Custodios Mint

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Benefits of owning the Custodios NFT

  • Liquidity pool - 33% of all auction house profits will be sherd by NFT holders

    With our NFT you get 33% of all profits from our auction house.

  • Special auctions

    NFT holders will have access to our special actions that will be on our platform.

  • Discounts

    Each owner of our NFT will receive a discount at our Real Life Auction House.

  • Real life events only for Costodios NFT owners

    We plan to organize real life events for the owners of our NFT.

  • And More

    on our white paper you will find more information about the benefits of buying our NFT.

Road Map

Custodios, due to the size of their intentions and the will to implement them all, will provide the users with the elements in the following order.

  • Social Media & Custodios Website

    Launching social media starting mainly from Twitter and a website in order to promote and reach as many people as possible in order to build the most effective community that will gain publicity through SocialMedia and learn the details of the project through the website.It is through our Social Media that users will be able to find out about various updates regarding our project, as this is where they will mainly be posted. Users will also be able to participate in various giveaways and win many prizes through Social Media.

  • Custodios Discord

    The launch of Custodios discord will be aimed at gathering our community in one place so that it can develop, get to know and ask us questions. There will be a lot of announcements on Custodios Discord and it is mainly through Discord that the community will be able to subscribe to the white paper. We know how Discord is needed to build the best community, so our Discord will be made with high precision so that each member can transparently and comfortably build a community with us.

  • Mint & Real Life Auction House

    Mint and the launch of the Real Life Auction House is the most important thing in Custodios project as it is one of our Utility goals as from the moment Mintu players will start playing to earn and bet options. The launch of the Real Life Auction House is one of the things that distinguishes our project from others, the ability to buy Real items in the form of NFT and the ability to earn on transactions, take part in auctions and receive discounts on various items are the main usefulness of project, which Custodios will return to. the most attention.

  • Free Airdrop

    After the mint, people who buy the Custodios NFT will receive Airdrop, our second NFT, which will be Custodios first tokenized collectibles like stamps and Picasso art.

  • Staking

    The launch of Staking will take place after mint, where people who purchase Custodios NFT will be able to stack for which they will receive awards in our token which they will then be able to exchange or use on our platform. This form is aimed at maintaining the level of NFT's hodlers and their remuneration for detaining.

  • Custodios Game & Token

    Game play to earn is one of utility for Custodios NFT, so with the release of the game we will be releasing our token which you can collect in the game and for which you will be able to buy upgrades for the game. In the first version of the game before mint, players will only be able to obtain our token in pre-sale and the play to earn option will be launched right after mint, this does not mean that our game in the first stage will be very poor in gemplay, it only means that players will not be they could collect tokens at the beginning and only get the opportunity to buy them and play with them.

  • Custodios DAO (Decentralised Autonomous Organisation)

    Owners of NFT, in addition to the previously mentioned benefits, will also get access to DAO channels on which they will be able to decide, together with the rest of the owners, about the fate of our project by voting. We want to give our community the opportunity to decide on the fate of the project they will become part of.


Benefits of technology

The use of real assets in NFT technology has many advantages, and here are a few examples.

Real Assets

First time in history NFT will be back with real assets.

Originality Blockchain Certificate

Possibility to sell and buy physical assets on crypto
exchanges with originality blockchain certificate.

Faster And Greener Delivery

1000 Tims faster and greener delivery then competition (


100% verify products on online auctions.

Easy Invest

Possibility to invest in art with out moving from sofa.


Here you can find frequently asked questions about Custodios.


General Questions

If you did not find the answer to your question in these questions, please ask them on our Discord.

What is Custodios?

Custodios bring a revolution in trading collections of stamps, numismatics and more by using cryptography and NFT technology!

When is the Mint and what is the Entry Price?

All information about the tick when the first mint will be and what is its entry price can be found in the statistics category on our Discord Server.

What is Real Life Auction House?

Real Life Auction house is a platform where you will be able to bid on real assets in the form of NFT, holders of our NFT will receive access to special auctions, various discounts and 33% of earnings from all transactions.

How to get WhiteList?

All information on how to get a whitelist can be found on our Discord Server.

Is project development planning?

This is how we plan to develop your project for us along with the changing trends and technolog.

Where is Custodios planning to list on?

Custodios plans to list on ???

Will the game play to earn?

Yes, our game will play to earn, by playing our game you will be able to collect our token which you will then be able to exchange for solana.

Is Custodios planning to Do anything else beyond the release of the First Stamp collection?

Yes, As Custodios we plan to release more NFT collections of collectible items such as coins, for example, and we plan to make our Own Exchange on which to trade collectible items as NFT.

Do you plan to make any changes to the design before mint?

Given the pace of development of the NFT market, there is a good chance that our project will be updated before the mint.